Nurse smart free email course designed for expecting mamas to start nursing off right

Start Nursing Smart before Baby Arrives!

A Free Email Course

As breastfeeding mamas ourselves, we know firsthand how much knowledge and support matters in succeeding at breastfeeding. With this free email course, we will show you exactly how to start your breastfeeding relationship off right and how to continue learning so when baby arrives you are a pro! It doesn't have to be hard, you just have to have smart solutions.

Here is a quick outline of what you will learn:

  • breastfeeding basics to get and keep your milk supply perfect for your baby
  • fit breastfeeding into your birth plan and start off right from the start
  • Discover how you and your other half can be a team by getting dad on board 
  • ​build your nursing support system before baby arrives 
  • ​develop a troubleshooting plan before it even happens 
  • receive a free printable everyday to help you with each day's action item

Add your due date as well to get free how to prepare bump smart emails in addition to your free course!

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